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It is a model that puts you first. How? We do not bill insurance. By removing the middleman, you receive several benefits. We maximize your health care experience through faster appointment scheduling, more time each visit, and access to Dr. Kanji. Also, your medical records are not sent to an insurance company for a third person to review and determine your personalized treatment plan. Your decisions are kept between you and your doctor.
To restore the patient-doctor relationship. Billing insurance requires extra staff, complicates office workflow, and increases costs. More patients need to be seen, which means less time with each. Contracting with you directly eliminates these costs. You get faster appointment scheduling, minimal wait times, and a comfortable, unhurried visit to discuss your care. Our calling is to take care of patients – not enter data for an insurance company.
Yes, you can. Please check with your particular policy regarding coverage. Another option is to use the “cash” prices we negotiated for lab tests and imaging. We created this alternative so our patients can choose the most cost-effective option.

Our prices are transparent – No surprise bills.

We negotiated deeply discounted prices for lab tests. We pass those savings to you.

No. Concierge practices generally charge several hundred dollars a month and bill insurance. Ethos Endocrinology provides time and access for a reasonable price without billing insurance.
Absolutely! We take care of people whether they have insurance or not. Our model was created to put you first. Not to bill insurance.
We accept all major credit cards.
Providing medical care remotely using technology. In other words, the patient and physician are not physically in front of each other. We use HIPAA compliant video-conferencing. Telemedicine offers you flexibility without compromising care.

Endocrinologist Pricing in Houston, TX

As a direct care practice, we are out-of-network with health insurance plans. We offer transparent prices for initial and follow-up visits. By removing the interference of insurance from the patient-doctor relationship, we offer:


Can I use my insurance for lab tests, imaging, or medications?

Yes, you can use your insurance for the above like you normally do. You also have the option to use the “cash” prices we negotiated for lab tests. We created this alternative so our patients can choose the most cost-effective option.

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We help individuals who don’t feel their best by taking the time to listen, performing a detailed evaluation, and creating a plan to optimize their hormone and metabolic health so they feel better.